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About Us

Digi Digits is an interdisciplinary club of students at Penn State University. We are dedicated to improving, designing, and 3D printing tools focus on prosthetic-like training devices. Our current main projects are a modular electronic hand, a mechanism for testing the strength of 3D printed structures, and creating virtual workshops for high school students. This club offers Penn State students the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills, participate in life-changing research, and expand their knowledge in the growing field of 3D printing as our organization combines corporate and family relations, engineering, service and more.

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Our Team


Raiid Ahmed



Mechanical Engineering


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I joined Digi digits early in my freshman year for the ability to transform designs and concepts into real mechanisms that benefited real people. I stayed because of the friends and relationships that I formed as a welcome byproduct to the projects we worked on. As President, I want to provide new members with the same experiences and continue turning Digi Digit’s ideas into reality.


Masen Nartatez

Vice President


Mechanical Engineering


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My name is Masen Nartatez, and I'm a junior majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in entrepreneurship. Digi Digits has given me the opportunity to apply my engineering classroom knowledge to tangible and impactful projects that have taught me an immense amount about 3-D printing and design. I've met so many great people during my 3 years in this club and can't wait to see what this year has in store for us.


Hamed Jabri



Mechanical Engineering


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Hi! My name is Hamed Jabri and I’m a junior studying Mechanical Engineering. I joined Digi Digits my freshman year and have loved it since. I’ve been able to meet fantastic people and learn many new skills. Digi Digits is where I fell in love with CAD and learned about all the different benefits of it and with 3D printing.


Jack Jenny

Project Manager


Mechanical Engineering (German Minor)


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Hello, I am Jack. I am not really an executive, but I have been in the club since 2017. Since then, I’ve accumulated a good amount of technical and management experience, and I like helping, so let me know if I can (DIGI-related or otherwise)! Aside from that, I like music a lot. If anyone wants to hit me up with music suggestions that would be cool.


Bill Chen



Engineering Science


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I joined Digi Digits last year and have since enjoyed the inclusive and creative environment that the club provides. Unlike many others in the club, I don’t have a background in CAD or 3D printing, but the collaboration and learning opportunities in the club helped me understand the importance of those technologies in prosthetics applications. As someone with a diverse interest in software development and molecular biology, I had a blast working on interdisciplinary projects with other passionate individuals.


Nandini Patel

Technical Lead


Biomedical Engineering


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My name is Nandini Patel, and I am a sophomore in biomedical engineering. This is my second year in DigiDigits, and in this club I have met so many people from different backgrounds with similar interests as mine. My favorite part is that in the end, we all love to help others and have found a way to use 3D printing and other innovative technologies to do just that. Outside of DigiDigits, I am involved in THON and SPA. I also love to play soccer and do various art projects.


Samson Gavin

Technical Lead


Mechanical Engineering


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Hello, my name is Samson Galvin and I’m a senior in mechanical engineering, minoring in mechatronics. I have been involved with Digi Digits for three years now and love being able to use the engineering skills I have learned at Penn State to help others. Digit Digits gives me the chance to further work on CAD, 3D printing, and Arduino outside of a classroom setting, and to see how it can impact the world.

Contact Us!

If you are interested in joining or have any questions, please email us through the form! If you would like to recieve updates about upcoming events and meetings please send an email to L-DigiDigits-subscribe-request@lists.psu.edu and it will automatically add you to our server.

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