"Upon acquiring a 3D printer, a group of students began thinking, “What more could we do with this?” With a lot of thinking and researching, they found that simply cosmetic and non-functional prosthetic hands and arms cost around $5,000 and functional devices cost between $20,000-$100,000. Armed with this knowledge they set out to design and 3D print training devices that cost around $60!"


We believe all children deserve the opportunity to achieve their dreams without limitations. Our goal is to provide support to the children we help at no cost to their families. As mentioned above, fully functional prostheses cost upwards of $20,000, and many prostheses are not covered by insurance, either. When you add the cost of refitting and adjusting the device every time a child has a growth spurt, most families are left with a cost that is simply unobtainable.

With a 3D printer, we are able to print a mechanically operated prosthetic training device, with many useful functions, for less than $60. Because most of the hand is 3D printed, the cost of adjusting the hand is minimal, usually under $10. This offers a child the chance to regain functionality in that arm/hand, while keeping the cost to the family much more reasonable. Furthermore, the club covers the cost of these hands through sponsors and donations, so unless the family wishes to make a donation, the hand is free for them.

In order to achieve our goals, we seek funding for our hands from sponsors and donations. A sponsor can pledge to donate either materially or monetarily. Additionally, a sponsor may choose to fund a specific project (either research or production) for the duration of the project with a decided capped amount, or fund the club $100 for each semester the sponsor supports the club. Our funds go to the materials needed to produce hands, such as filament for printing, as well as the few non-printed materials we use, such as velcro, padding, screws, string, etc.